Adventuring in the Twilight Age

Welcome to the Twilight Age Ever since the Empire-That-Was receded, no human endeavor under the fading red sun has reached its heights. Some say humankind no longer possesses the know-how to reach such grandeur. Others claim that confronting daily a sun that could fail them at any moment has filled folks with a spirit of defeat. Regardless of the reasons, it is in the face of such apocalyptic ennui that we find the peoples of Ur-Dun. Just south of the fallen Imperial capital city, this series of towns have become petty city-states just as embroiled in squabbles as they are in desperate dependencies fundamental to their survival. These human-led settlements are not the only civilized peoples in Ur-Dun. The mortal regents possess delicate treaties with distant Elfin Courts. The Gloaming Hills below the Slumbering Mountains are populate with small pastoral settlements of the hill dwarf (re: gnome) descendants of the folk that built the Imperial-era structures that litter the r

Burning Witch Adventurers Session #76- Return to Adventure

 It had been a long time since a group of adventurers had gathered in the Burning Witch with one purpose in mind--to delve below the earth on an underworld adventure! Inspired by recent events, this hiatus was brought to an end by GaWoosh, Hate Pit, PakPak, and Wolfgang. Joining them at their table sat the recent gnomish rescuee Buddy B. Barksdale as he made a stop on his drinking tour of Orm.  Fellow patrons and eavesdroppers could hear them discussing the cold war inside the Complex between the Eye of Terror and the Imperial Mother. Patrons did not been to be a nosey gnome to overhear Barksdale loudly proclaim, "Me and my gnomies?!? We can come to the surface *hick* as we please!", as he stumbled out of the tavern to relieve himself on the Monument of the Old Gods. With the departure of Buddy, the groups conversation turned toward the Rani's 10% tax on treasure leaving the Complex at the cliff-side entrance. After weighting which was worse: taxes or potential death at t

"What Have You Been Up To All This Time" Results Pt. 1

Here are the results for Bast, Charlie, Curtis, and Marie's extended downtimes. I handled the downtimes of the Dragon Slayers in session this last Monday (hints of what the were were included in their session recapped). I will tackle writing up those for Rob A., Ben L., Aleks, and Sam when I can. Those that earn new clocks, please be patient on see finalized versions of those. I am juggling developing the updated Complex along with blog updates for an update map of Orm, current hireling options, and the state of the entrances to the Complex. Bast: Betina and Heike's Extended Downtime Betina Seeks the Red Monk Over in the Discord, Bast presented for the Level 4 Fighter Betina the following extended downtime: Betina's search for mentorship continues in the long downtime with her hiring a guide (cost?) to help her locate the Red Monk in the under city of Orm-of-Old. She had previously left offerings of fruit along with a message of inquiry as to how she can meet and train wit

Dragon Slayers of the Drinking Crow Session #39- Back At It Again

 It had been a long time since any of the Dragon Slayers had stepped foot in the Complex or went off on a proper adventure. The magic-user turned goblin Crambo has been seen around Orm aiding the efforts to rebuild. The elfin Petra P. lightened people's hearts with street performances of daring feats performed along side her magical elephant Eloise. Willow the Wisp, on the other hand, used her illusionary magic to entertain Orm's upper crust. Copra Kaan had mostly been abscent. The vat-spawn antuar had spend most of his days protecting ships out on the Cerulean sea as he tried to discover more about an island filled with harpies. From time to time, they would all meet up at the Drinking Crow. Often with the retired Bors or Father Bert, the errant friar who helped them defend Orm during Worthy Dead's sacking of the city. Over their drink and tall tales, the part-elfin thief taker Amu Iben became a part of their circle.  When the Rani allowed the 111th Company to open the iro

Great Cavern- Map Near The Hanging Spire


What Have You Been Up To All This Time?

  The Twilight Age campaign has been in a looooong period of hibernation. I am working to revive the campaign some time in June. Since the Dragon Slayers have battled the Oloth El'gg Ssuson and Orm was sacked, the people of Orm have been in a state of recovery. Dead have been buried. Structures have been rebuilt. The community has been hit by changes from endeavors coming to an end, established NPCs taking on new tasks, and more. We will keep time running like it always has done in the Twilight Age where a day away from the game means a day has passed in Ur-Dan. Those players that are interested in returning, let's figure other what your PCs have been up to since we last saw them. The sacking of Orm and the roll adventurers played in it has brought  'the Complex'  to the attention of the Rani (look to a future post to give greater insight to this development) so they have had to take a break from adventuring for nearly a year. Here is how we will figure out what has tra