Adventuring in the Twilight Age

Welcome to the Twilight Age Ever since the Empire-That-Was receded, no human endeavor under the fading red sun has reached its heights. Some say humankind no longer possesses the know-how to reach such grandeur. Others claim that confronting daily a sun that could fail them at any moment has filled folks with a spirit of defeat. Regardless of the reasons, it is in the face of such apocalyptic ennui that we find the peoples of Ur-Dun. Just south of the fallen Imperial capital city, this series of towns have become petty city-states just as embroiled in squabbles as they are in desperate dependencies fundamental to their survival. These human-led settlements are not the only civilized peoples in Ur-Dun. The mortal regents possess delicate treaties with distant Elfin Courts. The Gloaming Hills below the Slumbering Mountains are populate with small pastoral settlements of the hill dwarf (re: gnome) descendants of the folk that built the Imperial-era structures that litter the r

Burning Witch Adventurers Session #75- The Merry Mushman

**This recap took place before the Sacking of Orm Session 1**  Since Journeyman Crannoc returned to Orm from his adventures in the Gloaming Hills, he had been deep into research in the Athenaeum's stacks. Well, when he was not with his tutor Sharune studying a new spell that marked his ascendency to the 5th Rank in the Transcendental Congress of the Aureate Precepts known as 'Philosopher'. Crannoc's research turned the magic-user's attention to the 4th Level of 'The Complex' often refered to as the Great Cavern. He convinced the following party to join him on his explorations: Journeyman Crannoc (Level 5 Magic-User) Uscha (fey servitor) Spike (wardog) Yeoman Klang (Level 2 Thief hireling) PakPak (Level 5 Kobold) Smokey Proag (Level 3 Halfling hireling) Wolfgang (Level 3 Duelist) Ur-Kel (Level 2 Vat Spawn Knight hireling) The party returned over a day later lugging a crate with them. The hirelings Yeoman Klang and Smokey Proag went off to to celebrate another

The Sacking of Orm Session #1

  Orm was ablaze from the wrecking of the airship:  the Purple Rose . A group of adventurers and members of the Athenaeum of the Dying Sun  set out to protect the library from the fires that raged uncontrolled through the ruins of Orm-of-Old. The following group assembled to collect water and create fire breaks: Fancy Jean-Yves Beauvollier (Level 5 Bard) Peaches (Level 4 Thief retainer) Freedom (Sapient Cat) GaWoosh (Level 4 Gnome) Journeyman Crannoc (Level 5 Magic-User) Uscha (fey servitor retainer) Kiddo (Level 3 Magic-User) Here is GaWoosh's take on events provided by the gnome adventurer's player Curtis: The group, joined by the Midnight Marauder Souz'awn and the wardog Brutus, succeeded to preventing the Atheanaeum from burning or being sacked. Still, the field currently tilts away from Orm's favor with several retreats by the party and creature corrupted by remnants of the Oloth El'gg Sssuson left to remain loose. Treasure Mantle of the Wolf (+2 to Saves again

Raid of Orm Point-Crawl Map

 On Sunday, I ran the first session centered around the Worthy raiding Orm as the settlement burns (caused by the wreck of the Sunset Elf airship the Purple Rose ). One of the pieces of player feedback was some sort location-specific map (instead of just using my currently incomplete one of Orm) would help with player decision making. I make a rough, text-based point-crawl map based on the even rougher one in my session notes. As I looked at it, though, I thought, "Why don't I just overlay that over my incomplete map?" So, did. I threw the first ever sketch of the Worthy (circa 2017) at the top just for fun. I hope this will be helpful in coming sessions.

Dragon Slayers of the Drinking Crow Session #38- The Oloth El'gg Ssuson Comes to Orm

 The party: Bors Redbeard (Level 4 Dwarf) Lefty Redbeard (Level 2 Dwarf retainer), deceased Ferris (Level 1 Living Harness retainer) Copra Kaan (Level 5 Vat Spawn) Crambo (Level 3 Magic-User) Malagath Finbaros (Level 3 Elf), deceased Petra P. (Level 2 Elf) Percy (Level 1 Acrobat retainer) The Dragon Slayers of the Drinking Crow had emerged from 'The Complex' with their member Petra P revived from death but their longest standing member, Malagath Finbaros, was looking at losing a leg. Earlier that day, which had seemed like an eternity ago and a world away, Malagath had taken a spear to his upper leg. An artery had been severed. The tourniquet the party had put in place had kept him alive but his leg was looking to be a total loss. In desperation, Bors Redbeard and Malagath bought a pair of jade drops  (450gp and still in stock) from PakPak's ShopShop. Miraculously (or a 1-in-3 chance) the magical elidable reversed the muscle damage and saved the leg. Malagath, though, was n

Dragon Slayers of the Drinking Crow Session #37- Return to Orm

 It was before the celebration of the Procession of the Old Gods that the adventurers based out of the Drinking Crow had booked pass out of Orm. They were in pursuit of their former ally Zamir "Big Time" Hashmi and the adamantine-plated statue of the Overlord Zotul he had swindled away from them (more specifically , the great hero Malagath). No one had seen the party return so it was a shock to see them walking out of the untouched copse of tress off of the main square. They looked like they had been through a lot and it looked like their numbers had grown with the addition of two retainers: a masked acrobat named Percy and a suit of sentient armor named Ferris. Magalath was seen limping behind the rest of his fellows as Ferris carried the deceased Petra P inside his armor and the rest of the group carried coins and a large, flat object covered in cloth to the loan bank. After that, the following part made their way, without stopping by the Drinking Crow , straight for the

Burning Witch Adventurers Session #72 Play Report Journal Entry

 Here are some pages from GaWoosh's journal covering this session (provided by his player Curtis):

Downtime Activity Preview: Recruiting Macara to be a Retainer

 Recently, a party of adventurers brought freed some tribal mutants from bondage to the Eye of Terror. The group brought a pair of the mutants with them out of 'The Complex' and to Orm. One of the mutants, Sir Mo, is impatiently marking the days until he can return to his people with some poison smuggled in a storage stomach he possesses. The other mutant, Macara, refused to return to her tribe's cavern home and possesses a fierce appetite for some action. Macara circumstance seems like the perfect time for me to introduce some rules for retainers I have been sitting on for some time. Under the Recruit a Retainer rules, the retainers of the Twilight Age are steadfast companions, not colorless hired hands. As a result, it takes more than tavern gossip or job postings to secure the services of a retainer. There are three methods of obtaining their services: An Acquantice From the Adventurer's Past Life - A player character may bring into service  one  person from their pr