Burning Witch Adventurers Session #80

That the Burning Witch, the adventurers PakPak and Journeyman Crannoc were over heard swapping stories about recent delves into a mysterious "Great Cavern". The wild stories caught the interest of the gensai Exodi who thought it better to test himself in delves closer to the surface than get mixed-up with a party exploring this expansive but dangerous underworld. Were these conversations the prelude to an expedition to this cavern jungle that seems to unreal to be truth? One was not seen leaving from the Witch. Four days ago, the pair were seen as part of this group at the Athenaeum of the Dying Sun which surely did look like an adventuring party:
  • Journeyman Crannoc (Level 5 Magic-User)
    • Uscha (Fey Servitor)
    • Ferris (Level 1 Living Harness hireling)
  • PakPak (Level 5 Kobold)
  • Phasmo (Level 4 Magic-User)
    • Lirazil (Level 2 Elf retainer)
    • Souz'awn (Level 1 Fighter hireling)
That evening, the group was seen covered in grime and smelling of jungle rot yet without ever been seen leaving the Athenaeum grounds. They had with them a selection of mysterious boxes. Most strikingly, Phasmo seemed to hide himself from others (perhaps trying to avoid advertising his return to Orm to the Crooked Hand). With them was a geriatric fey being that Crannoc claimed was in fact his side kick Uscha. The diminutive being was over heard complaining about his bunions and asked after decaf coffee to go with his post-dinner snack. Lirazil headed off into Orm under Phasmo's instruction. At which point, the rest of the group went their separate ways.

A team of kobolds operate a massive lift in the Psyrilium mines of the Great Cavern as depicted by PakPak's player Rob

Otherwordly academics self-named "Travelers" also  by PakPak's player Rob.

Updated map of the Great Cavern


  • Six rods of mysterious purpose. The ends can be used to stab an enemy for 1d4 dmg. A downtime would need to be spent to discover more
  • Six small packs containing a tightly wrapped ultra-thin blanket and six mysterious tablets.
  • An incredibly foreign naturalist kit for doing field research made up of three boxes taking up 3 inventory slots worth 1050gp to the right buyer. A downtime is needed to master the kit for personal use
  • Two hand-held metallic peculiarities proven to at least alert to the presence of high chaos levels

Experience Points

  • Travelers put to sleep 6 x 20xp

Player Character Cut

  • 40xp ea. (20xp ea. to Lirazil, Souz'awn, and Ferris)
  • Money and additional xp can be gained if the naturalist's kit is sold 
Write-ups, art or maps recapping the session earn PC Level x 100XP. Let me know if anyone wants to undertake a downtime activity.

Epilogue: Gorgaz

A strange figure has arrived in Orm, covered in dust from the stony wastes. Beneath his tattered vest his bare chest and arms are covered in dense sleeve of chaos tattoos. Above, he wears the skull of a dragon as a mighty helm to cover his face, scarred by terrible burns from the dragon he slew, as he claims in his charred croaking voice. In his hand he carries a metal staff of power bedecked with feathers and swirled in paints. His name is Gorgaz. He preaches a strange chaotic creed, claiming in hoarse whispers that his body is the text of a terrible revelation. Gorgaz has taken up residence in the Athenaeum 


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