Burning Witch Adventurers Session #76- Return to Adventure

 It had been a long time since a group of adventurers had gathered in the Burning Witch with one purpose in mind--to delve below the earth on an underworld adventure! Inspired by recent events, this hiatus was brought to an end by GaWoosh, Hate Pit, PakPak, and Wolfgang. Joining them at their table sat the recent gnomish rescuee Buddy B. Barksdale as he made a stop on his drinking tour of Orm.  Fellow patrons and eavesdroppers could hear them discussing the cold war inside the Complex between the Eye of Terror and the Imperial Mother. Patrons did not been to be a nosey gnome to overhear Barksdale loudly proclaim, "Me and my gnomies?!? We can come to the surface *hick* as we please!", as he stumbled out of the tavern to relieve himself on the Monument of the Old Gods.

With the departure of Buddy, the groups conversation turned toward the Rani's 10% tax on treasure leaving the Complex at the cliff-side entrance. After weighting which was worse: taxes or potential death at the hands of the ooze lurked by the sealed northern Level 1 entrance; the party seemed to settle on some other purpose. The following group stopped by the ShopShop and gathered up some rations before heading into the ruins of Orm-of-Old:

  • GaWoosh (Level 4? Gnome)
    • Tamm Wise (Level 1 Elf hireling)
  • Hate Pit (Level 4? Vat Spawn)
  • PakPak (Level 5 Kobold)
  • Wolfgang (Level 3 Duelist)
A day later, the party returned smelling of humus and earth but otherwise not much worse for wear. The party wear seen divide pile of silver coins before heading off their separate ways.

Session Map of the Great Cavern by Hate Pit's player Marie

In the nights that followed, the crowd at the Drinking Crow could swear they heard faint songs of hidden treasure, underground jungles, a statue that transformed the ground around it into a wasteland, and feral dwarves that longed to bring an end to kobolds that scarred the earth. Some thought the voice was more than a bit similar to that marooned Sunset Elf Tamm Wise.


  • 1200sp stamped with a lion head
  • A ring of intertwined spirits- one of silver and the other gold. The silver being has an eye made of a black pearl while the gold has an eye made of a white pearl. Worth 400gp
  • A gold arm ring shaped like a coiled dragon with red garnets for eyes worth 1000gp.
  • A necklace of platinum prayer beads dedicated to the Seven Archons of the Church of Law worth 1200gp

Experience Points

  • 2720xp from treasure
  • Cave dwarf slain 1 x 20xp

Player Character Cut

  • 585gp ea. 270sp ( 272gp to Tamm Wise: 12gp of which is for his share of the sp but he refuses to be paid in  silver)
  •  685xp ea. (342xp for Tamm Wise)
Writing, art, maps, or other media submitted at a play report earn PC Level x 100xp. Let me know if anyone would like to take a downtime activity.


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