Burning Witch Adventurers Session #75- The Merry Mushman

**This recap took place before the Sacking of Orm Session 1** 

Since Journeyman Crannoc returned to Orm from his adventures in the Gloaming Hills, he had been deep into research in the Athenaeum's stacks. Well, when he was not with his tutor Sharune studying a new spell that marked his ascendency to the 5th Rank in the Transcendental Congress of the Aureate Precepts known as 'Philosopher'. Crannoc's research turned the magic-user's attention to the 4th Level of 'The Complex' often refered to as the Great Cavern. He convinced the following party to join him on his explorations:

  • Journeyman Crannoc (Level 5 Magic-User)
    • Uscha (fey servitor)
    • Spike (wardog)
    • Yeoman Klang (Level 2 Thief hireling)
  • PakPak (Level 5 Kobold)
    • Smokey Proag (Level 3 Halfling hireling)
  • Wolfgang (Level 3 Duelist)
    • Ur-Kel (Level 2 Vat Spawn Knight hireling)
The party returned over a day later lugging a crate with them. The hirelings Yeoman Klang and Smokey Proag went off to to celebrate another delve survived. Yeoman Klang told tale of a giant talking mushroom in an abandoned inn deep in a subterranean jungle below Orm in an illicit parlor run by the Crooked Hand. Whether the tale was believed, who can say. While Klang escaped a raid by the Orm Civil Defense Force on the illegal gathering, many of his fellow revelers did not.

Callomonte, the lost Mushmen (Lives in Hex #1208)


  • An assortment of coins made up of 50gp, 2ep, and 12 sp.
  • a crate of 8 bottles of "Ether of Blue" (a translucent aqua spirit that induces a languid eroticism) worth 10gp ea. (but can be sold for a base market value of 20gp in Orm to the Right Buyer like, say, the Margrave Quinus whom Crannoc has as a Patron).
  • A toothpick made of bone with a small rune-engraved silver handle
  • A small golden bracelet worth 25gp

Experience Points

  • 157xp from treasure
  • Vampiric frog slain 1 x 38xp

Player Character Cut

  • 15gp, 4sp, and 4cp ea.(additional gp if the bottles of "Ether of Blue" are sold)
  • 65xp ea.
Write-ups, drawings, or maps from the session are worth PC Level x 100xp. Let me know if anyone wants to spend a downtime activity that will happen before the Sacking of Orm.


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