Dragon Slayers of the Drinking Crow Session #25- Revenge

The magic-user Crambo, usually an adventurer based out of the Burning Witch , had wandered over the Drinking Crow to see what the adventurers known as the Dragon Slayers were plotting. Around the common table of the Crow, the gathered adventurers could be overheard talking about needing a decent treasure haul but this was always a topic of conversation. The discussion when it turned towards revenge on the gargoyles guarding the elevator on Level 3, the group grew more lively. Somewhere, someone mentioned the idea that maybe they could capture one to work towards there "debt". This seem to be of some appeal to the mysterious being in white robes who had recently become a hanger-on of the Dragon Slayer's retinue-- Dwerleiro. The group discussed hiring on the vat spawn Ur-Kel to add addition magical arms to their impending conflict with the gargoyles. As the following party left towards the beach, it was noted by Drinking Crow regulars that Crambo seemed to possess a familiarity with the previous mentioned Dwerleiro:

  • Copra Kaan (Level 5 Vat Spawn)
  • Crambo (Level 1 Magic-User)
    • The Sargent (Level 0 Woman-at-Arms)
  • Malagath Finbaros (Level 3 Elf)
    • Ur-lek (Level 2 Vat Spawn Knight)
  • Petra P. (Level 1 Elf)
  • Willow the Wisp (Level 3 Illusionist)
The party returned dragging a bound creature with stone-like skin and wings. They sold the creature to the Dame Galatea of the Order of the Dragon. They also carried with them the body of a strange half-monkey and half-metal creature they hoped to sell to party interested in its study. It seemed to be the result of some alchemical process.

The following slip of paper was found in the stables near where the Dragon Slayers sold their hostage monster to the Dame Galatea:

Copra Kään’s To-Do List:

-Run really fast past some gargoyles to lure them into a trap. 
-Defeat the gargoyles! (And capture 2 of them!). 
-Get horny!
-Watch some pale dudes draw on the walls. 
-Deposit a gargoyle. 
-Sell a gargoyle!
-Kill a zombie cyborg baboon.
-Find some buried treasure.


  • A dirt-covered box containing:
    • 800sp
    • 800gp
  • Body of a half baboon/half metal creature
  • An ancient stone planter

Experience Points

  • 880xp form treasure
  • Gargoyles defeated 3 x 75xp
  • Part monkey/part machine creature defeated 1 x 50xp

Player Character Cut

  • 133gp, 136sp, and 6cp ea. 
  • 231xp ea.
  • In addition, each player character receives 200gp (and hirelings 100gp) ea. for the sale of a captured gargoyle to the Dame Galatea.
Write-ups, art, or maps covering the session earn 100 x PC Level XP. Let me know if anyone wants to take a downtime activity. A find the right buyer downtime needs to be expended for each the strange body or the planter if they are to be sold to anyone that is not a player.


  1. Petra would like to find the right buyer for the planter.


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